Our excellence is reflected in our service and relationship with customers providing peace of mind through professionalism, dedication and integrity.

Eastern Group is a global manufacturer and a trusted name in the field of knit and woven garments. We use state-of- the-art technology to produce apparel for men, women and children. Since establishment in 1976, Eastern has focused on meeting or exceeding customer requirements in terms of quality, service, delivery, and overall value.

Background & History

  • Established since 1976
  • One of the largest apparel production houses for knitted tops and bottoms.
  • Separate Plant for Woven Bottoms Sewing, Washing, Decoration)•Dedicated team of trained professionals
  • One-roof concept, with state-of-the-art facilities, to ensure optimum quality
  • Employing a skilled workforce of more than 4,500 men & women
  • Facility compliance of WRAP, BSCI, CTPAT, Sedex, OEKO Tex, GOTS, ISO 9001, 14001. Also approved compliances for customers like HBI, Champion, Gear for Sports, Alternative Apparel, 47 Brand etc.
  • Environment conscious –In house Water Reclamation & Effluent Treatment
  • Our digital garment designers work closely together with our 3D artists to create the highest-quality fashion and motion graphic visuals. We are always led by concept, creativity, and technical execution.

Our Expertise


Eastern Garments controls a highly technical and advanced knit garment manufacturing facility. Its prime function is to manufacture up to date, innovative and high quality knitted apparel products via state of the art machines and technology. The facility can produce 600,000 garments per day. Our customer includes HBI, Champion, Gear for Sports, Alternative Apparel, 47 Brand etc.


Single Knit Double Knit Jacquard & Flat Knit

Knitting Capacity - 20,000 Kg/Day

(This is based on a mix of Jersey & Fleece fabric) (Approx 40k pcs/day of tees & 10k pcs/day for Fleece hood)


Dyeing Capacity – 15,000 Kg/Day

(This is based on a mix of Jersey & Fleece fabric Both Portion Dyed) All high temperature dyeing machines including special airflow machines which consume 40% less water, require less steam, dyes, chemical with lesser eluent discharge thus more environment friendly.

Cut & Sew facilities

Sewing Capacity –
6,480,000 Pcs / Annum – Knits
3,000,000 Pcs / Annum – Wovens


GGT - Gerber Garment Technology Aided Cutting Department

Cutting Capacity–
6,480,000 Pcs / Annum


Embroidery Capacity –
12 Machines of 20 Head
All Multi heads Equipment

Screen Printing

Printing Capacity –
30,000 Panels/Day

Automatic Presses and Sampling Equipment

Garment Wet Process

The bulk laundry facilitates us with the capacity of 14,000 units / day

Resin, coating, baking, pigment dyeing, garment dyeing, water saving bleach processes, fading methods, randomized washes and plenty of other techniques

Power Generation

Eastern process their own power generation

Our Partners


Eastern Garments regulates a highly specialized and innovative woven garment facility. Its principal task is to process high quality materials into strong and sustainable, finely weaved, ready-to-wear garments using up to date machines and technology. This division holds the latest technology and equipment for Cutting, Embellishment, Sewing, Washing and Shipment.

Bringing the Future Today

- The 3D proto technology shows exact measurement, design, embroidery, print, stitching, that represents actual fitting on virtual avatar.
- Highly equipped lab with advanced testing mechanisms.
- Embroidery and printing to add value to the products and making these diered from the others.
- This commitment towards non-stop innovation is pursued every season with washed collections carrying innovative concepts.

Quality Management System

The company has the parallel management structures for both production and quality management. Our integrated Statistical Process Control (SPC) strongly assures the supply of quality merchandise to be ex-factoried. The teams of inline and online auditors alongwith final QC team allow only good parts to be moved out from their respective department. An individual tracking number is fixed inside all the garments to back track the fault till the responsible . Our built-in quality conscious approach has enabled to achieve defect rate of under 2% by the customer ’s quality audit team. The team is certified by VF, Fanatics and Champion brand as “Certified Factory Auditors” to ship goods on customer's behalf. This shows customer’s trust on our performance.


Sustainability Initiatives

Eco-Friendly Element

Eastern has a deep focus on the environmental constrains and preventing the natural resources. Having the fully functional Eluent Treatment and the Reverse Osmosis Distillation plant to make the processed water all cleared upto be flown out in in to main streams. We have further scored good numbers in CDP(Carbon Disclosure Project ) which reflects the effective carbon emissions/reductions strategy in the integral processes.

Membrane Bioreactor

We at Eastern Garments successfully recycling textile wastewater using a membrane bioreactor. Being an environmental responsible entity, Eastern Garments have adapted Zero Discharge Policy and have upgraded its Conventional Effluent Treatment Plant into Membrane Bioreactor Plant which helps to recycle and reuse released water from dyeing and washing processes

Water Reclamation

Eastern is investing heavily in reclaiming the water. We feel that water supply would be critical in future, therefore this step safeguards future requirements Capacity 500,000 Gallon/Day

Environmental Impact Measuring Software

For several years the industry is working on sustainable methods to provide the green finishing in the denim and casual market, with the aim we have collaborated with Jeanologia to gauge the impact of our chemical process over atmosphere. This helps us to optimize our finishing processes efficiently, partnering for the good of the environment.

Post Covid

Post Covid

Covid-19 has dealt a massive blow to most industries — fashion and textile being no exception. The world has changed overnight, and technology will be the backbone of how we enter our future. No longer do we have to meet in person all the time. No longer do we need to live on planes. No longer do we have to be in an office to collaborate. Eastern Garments has realized the need of the hour and worked upon digital design to better work with our clients remotely.

Digital Initiative

The most revolutionary aspect of using digital medium and integrating it into our pipeline is the idea of visualization; so now we're able to take our designs from sketch to reality. We use digital for everything from styling, grading, design development to animation. It affects all stages of what we do.